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Fashion Cole Haan adds flair to American Airlines employees

American Airlines new Twin Hill uniforms and Cole Haan scarves.

In time for its 90th anniversary year, American Airlines has tapped Cole Haan to create an exclusive line of accessories for its employees this fall. And starting in September, for the first time in 20 years staffers will wear new uniforms from Twin Hill.

Cole Haan has created handbags and scarves for female employees and attaché cases and pockets squares for their male counterparts. In addition to upping the style quota, Cole Haan had functional elements to consider such as the fact that American’s 24,000 flight attendants need to be able to quickly access the Samsung tablets they use to help passengers.

Cole Haan also kept American’s 15,000 iPad-equipped pilots in mind. Available in gray, red and white, or red, white and blue, the scarves provide a dose of color for American Airlines’ in-flight crews’ uniforms. American Airline employees will have the option to buy the new accessories for family and friends. The handbags and attaché cases will retail from $300 to $500 and the scarves will be sold for $50 to $100. The collection will not be sold in Cole Haan stores or in American’s in-flight magazine.